Small Talk

This is a betting page unlike no other, where the majority of tips will be losers, but we’re proud of it!

Before you scamper for the big cross in the top right of your screen (or left depending on your social standing) let us explain..

We at Round the Outside have created this page to provide a canvas for our crazy brain thoughts and contradictory insight into where the next underdog story is coming from. We are super smart and hate following the crowd into hella-busy markets with high premiums and suppressed odds; we take a different approach. The longer the shot, the tastier the odds, and suffice it to say, the MORE MONEY in the bank account. Keep your losses small and frequent but your winners large and consistent.

Before we go any further, here at Round the Outside we like to share stuff because of our kind hearted nature, however we can’t be responsible for your betting actions. There are plenty of ways to make money on the sports markets, if you are not keen, we are just doing our thang, making money our way, sweet!

Enough of the small talk.